Our story

Committed to Improving Student Lives

We are an organization of students from a wide range of political opinions who have united under one common banner. Our goal has been to bring back proper representation and good governance to the uOttawa student body, and we are proud to do just that. Our members come from many different backgrounds and hold many different opinions, but are united by our common goal of improving student life on campus.

The University of Ottawa Students’ Union (UOSU) was founded in September 2018 after the uOttawa administration announced its intent to terminate its agreement with the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO). Following the referendum in February of 2019, undergraduate students voted overwhelmingly in favour of recognizing the UOSU as the sole union to represent their interests on campus.


In February 2019, the University of Ottawa held a referendum for students to chose which student association whom they wish to be represented by. Thus, the students voted in favor of the University of Ottawa Studens’ Union (UOSU).

Following the 2019 referendum, the SFUO services were transferred to the UOSU. 

The newly founded student union has committed to maintaining the previous SFUO services.

Our Mandate

  • To advocate on behalf of and provide services to undergraduate students at the University of Ottawa. 
  • Work to improve the academic and social lives of its Members.
  • To create a more fair and more inclusive academic and social environment at the University of Ottawa.
  • To conduct all business and to offer all services and programs in English and French AND to promote bilingualism and francophone representation at the University of Ottawa.
  • To acknowledge and to respect the independence of the Recognized Student Governments AND to work with such student governments to advance the shared interests of all students.
  • To commit to the principle of equity :
    • Against discrimination on the basis of age, ancestry, belief, citizenship, creed, ethnicity, disability, family status, gender expression, gender identity, marital status, place of origin, race, sex or sexual orientation.
  • To commit to the principle of student autonomy and work to secure the expressive and associative rights of all students
  • To acknowledge and to respect  the current and historical contributions of the Algonquin Anishinaabe peoples, on whose traditional and unceded territory where the University of Ottawa is located. 
  • Defend the principle of student autonomy.
  • To decolonize the University of Ottawa.