6 books to read during pride month


6 books to read during pride month By Daphnée St-Jean Forget me not, Alyson Derrick (romance/YA) If you like a well written amnesia trope, romance and a character coming to […]

Clit toys 


Clit toys The clitoris is an erectile genital organ with an external part as well as an internal part. This organ is filled with sensory nerve endings and its only […]

To Wish on a Woman


To Wish on a Woman Today I was reminded again that I am a woman The power behind the word was stripped away Will I forever be the extension of […]

The Bloody Grail 


The Bloody Grail By: Anonymous I raise my cup in the air and toast to all the money I’ve saved and less waste that I’ve created. I poured the blood […]

What’s Up with Uptalk 


What’s Up with Uptalk Kylie Flynn she/her Now and in the past, women are criticized for the way they speak in professional environments. Particularly, their use of “uptalk,” or the […]

I am Hot


I am Hot Emily Wells I am Hot.   I am Sexy,   I am Beautiful,   And I am better than enough.     These are the things I tell myself when I […]