It's aromantic awareness week!

I consider myself an asexual aromantic. I’ve never experienced love romantically (although platonic seems to be almost the same) nor does it seem that I can fall in love. That’s my experience, at least.

Aromantics are on all sides; allosexuals, a-spec and some in between. Aromantics are people who: don’t experience romantic attraction, can’t fall in love or are unable to connect with someone romantically (definitions vary but are usually similar). Being aromantic does not mean you hate romance. Nor does it mean you despise romantic stuff. You could be romance averted, but that doesn’t change how you experience it. Aros who hate romance are still aromantic. Just like how some pans and bis (and my fellow omni and poly) have preferences for a certain gender, they’re still pan and bi.

Here some facts for ya brain: 

About 50-60% of aromantics identity with a-spec. 

Just like any queer group that’s “not gay enough”, aromantics do get some crap from their own community.

Just like asexuals, aromantics come in all shades! (Yes, there are grey and demi aromantics) 

Aros are people too, they love just like anyone else. And just like anybody here, their experiences are as valid and different to other aro’s. Ask if you’re not sure, please don’t assume, be kind and love yourselves <3


– Written by Anonymous