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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


We are looking for volunteers and students can find all the information under the “Get involved” section. 

Visit UOSU’s job opportunities for future opportunities at the Peer Help Centre or any other positions available within UOSU.

The Peer Help Centre does not offer any kind of training outside the Centre.

Visit to register as a tutor.


All services are free of charge aside from the tutoring services. 

No, the tutoring services are not free of charge.

In order to maintain affordability of tutorship services, Masters and PhD students are to charge no more than $30/hour. All other tutors are not permitted to charge more than 20$/hour. 

No, the Peer Help Centre does not provide counselling services. However, Active Listening sessions are available to students. 

General Inquiry

Yes, all the services are offered to any student registered at the University of Ottawa.

Active listening sessions at the Peer Help Centre differ from counselling services. It is offered by fellow peers who may seem less intimidating to approach and who may relate better to a fellow student’s situation than professionals. As students, volunteers are not certified as counsellors; they are trained not to advise what actions to take, but to listen, and to validate a peer that seeks help and wishes to confide in someone.  

Registered students at the University of Ottawa and/or alumni students.