Peer Help Centre



We are now open for in-person and online services starting November 2022. Our hours are 10am-4pm Monday to Friday. Services offered include Active Listening sessions, Tutor Help website and online chat (10:30-4pm).


Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, lonely or just want someone to vent to?

  • Active Listening session booking:  
  • Peer Support Phone Line: 613-783-1380 ext. 155 (ext. 151 for reception or general inquiry). 
  • Peer Support Chat: Click on the purple icon on the bottom left corner to chat with a trained volunteer. 

Peer Help Tutor - the Tutor Web App

Looking for a tutor to help you with a specific uOttawa course or would you like to register as a Peer Help Tutor? Click the button below to sign-up for an account today. 

Visit for more information about the Peer Help Tutor service. 


We are here for you if you need support. 

The Peer Help Centre is a judgment-free, confidential, and empathetic environment! 

All Active Listening sessions are confidential within the Centre. Please note for safety reasons, the Peer Support Chat is NOT anonymous, however 100% confidential within the Centre.

Is someone you know facing a mental health crisis? Here’s what you can do to support them.