Statement on Peace and Justice in Israel and in Palestine

As a student union, our responsibility is to help build a more equal and fair world, and to honor lived experiences. As such, we stand in solidarity with all of our members affected by the violence in Palestine and Israel. No human being – particularly innocent children – should have to endure traumatic, daily reminders of warfare.

Furthermore, as an Executive Committee, we want to share our firm belief that the human rights of Palestinians, so many of whom suffer the constant violence and oppression of occupation and illegal annexation, must always be respected. We condemn and mourn all loss of human life. Regardless of religion, creed, or ethnicity, human life is paramount and one life lost is too many. We mourn the 232 Palestinians and 12 Israelis reported dead as of May 20th, and acknowledge the pain, grief and suffering felt by all, particularly the Israeli and Palestinian communities here at the University of Ottawa.

We also recognize that amongst other facilities, health and media facilities in Gaza, as well as schools and refugee camps have been targeted by airstrikes. This disregard for human life is unacceptable. We join the chorus of voices calling for justice and a lasting peace that respects the right of everyone to live without fear, in security, and with dignity.

In addition, in this time of heightened emotions, we join the overwhelming majority of the international community in reiterating our strong condemnation of any and all forms of antisemitism, islamophobia, or any other form of hatred, and any hateful comments of this nature will be removed. We understand that many people in our university are facing challenges during these times of distress.

We are also aware that a number of students in our university community are directly impacted by current events. Please feel free to consult the resources in our bio.


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