Student Rights Centre


About the Student Rights Centre

The Student Rights Centre (SRC) is a service of the University of Ottawa Students’ Union (UOSU) offered to all undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Ottawa. 

We offer guidance and support to students who require information on University of Ottawa regulations and practices or who wish to appeal decisions made by the university administration. We also help students who wish to receive more information regarding their human rights on campus or who want to file a formal or informal complaint in that regard.


Our student rights advocacy branch includes individual representation as well as promoting and advocating for systemic barriers to be redressed. Individual student cases are carried out as a true collaboration, with all steps being taken with the student’s consent.

Our educational branch includes human rights, academic rights and appeals focused training for the general student population and student leaders.

Some of the most common cases seen at the Centre revolve around the following matters:

  • Formal and informal complaints of harassment and/or discrimination
  • Accusations of academic fraud
  • Requests for grade revisions
  • Withdrawals from a faculty or a program
  • Requests for retroactive withdrawal from courses
  • Exam deferrals
  • Reimbursements
  • Problems with a professor
  • Any other administrative issue: co-op, housing, etc.

If your problem, complaint or question involves the University of Ottawa, we are here to help!