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Eco Round Table

The Sustainability Centre hosts regular Eco Round Table Meetings where students can come and learn about the Centre, share ideas on what they’d like done to improve sustainability on campus, and start to take action!

Here are just a few of the suggestions we’ve received at our round tables and what we’re doing:
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Support climate justice initiatives on and off campus

We regularly share events and resources that other groups organize and create. check out our resource list on different environmental/ climate groups in the area to get involved!

Sustainable resources

We are working to provide resources to help the UOSU and other groups on campus operate more sustainably, and share resources with the uOttawa community. These resources will be shared in the “Resources” tab of our webpage!
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Reduce food waste

We will work to use our platform to share tips on reducing food waste at home and support initiatives like the People’s Republic of Delicious in their work (stay tuned for more on this!)

Sustainable Café Alt and Pivik

We are working to help the UOSU open these businesses to operate as sustainably as possible (whenever they should open) Have any ideas? Send them our way!

Here you will find the meeting minutes from past Eco Round Tables!