The University of Ottawa Students’ Union expresses support to the APTPUO in labour bargaining conflict with the University

After increasing the cost of tuition earlier this summer, the University of Ottawa central administration is now engaged in threatening the quality of education and learning environments of students via the working conditions of part-time professors. Starting August 11th, the University has the ability to lock out part-time professors from their contracts; the same group of professors who teach nearly 60% of undergraduate classes on our campus. 

Both the UOSU and the APTPUO are disappointed to see that the University is forcing the part-time professors to consider a strike due to the lack of respect and fairness they’ve faced; all this happening weeks away from the beginning of the academic year. Furthermore, the University of Ottawa Students’ Union condemns the for-profit operations of the university as it reports fiscal surpluses and exploits members of its communities, including students and professors, time and time again.   

The APTPUO is not asking for much; simply adequate and fair working conditions. This consists of a limit on class size, sufficient preparation time for courses with fixed hiring dates, professional development and training, institutional support and access to the Employee Assistance plan. The APTPUO’s members deserve recognition of experience and expertise from the University. 

The University of Ottawa Students’ Union calls on the senior administration to meet with the APTPUO in good faith to negotiate a fair collective agreement for our part-time professors. This labour dispute threatens the working environments of our professors, and in turn the learning environment of students. 

We encourage you to read the APTPUO’s Bargaining Committee’s response here. We understand that many of us are feeling frustrated and concerned with this insecurity caused by the university. As students we must stand up to our university and demand better: send an email to President Jacques Frémont and Provost Jill Scott to affirm that this is an issue which students demand to see resolved. 

Jacques Frémont 
President and Vice-Chancellor  

Jill Scott 
Provost and Vice-President, Academic Affairs