To Wish on a Woman

Today I was reminded again that I am a woman

The power behind the word was stripped away

Will I forever be the extension of a man

Only feeling safe when protected by a man

And again, endangered when attacked by a man

My womb only beneficial to give birth to a man

These hands only skilled to take care of a man

My words only useful to give praise to a man

My voice forever trampled in the presence of a man

The night only welcoming when I stand next to a man

My clothes long or short always enticing to a man

“What was she wearing,” said the man

In my home, my safe haven, I’m still prey to a man

If I cry then I seem too emotional to a man

When I’m strong and confident I’m too much for a man

If I’m angry then “she must be on her period man”

Constant whispers in my ears “to the left, to the right, lie the dangers of a man”

I’m tired, where do I go?

When will my life stop being tied to the prospect of a man

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