Wellness Week

November 15-19


We know this year has been a challenge for you. From the feeling of isolation because of the pandemic, fatige because of virtual and hybrid classes, to the piling assignments and tests, you deserve a break and some treats! That is why the UOSU is partnering with Compass, UOSU Servicesand clubs to bring you a full week of fun events, workshops on wellness, and many giveaways!

Upcoming Events!

Yoga with M4MH

Monday November 15th

Yoga with M4MH is an online beginners yoga session to practice flexibility, balance, and strength. We will move through basic yoga movements while focusing on breathing. We welcome participants with all levels of yoga experience as everyone will be able to take it at their own pace.

How to make the best of stress - 1 in 5 initiative

Monday November 15th

This workshop is focused on identifying signs of stress and practicing a variety of research-based methods for stress management, including mindfulness and relaxation, meeting one’s basic needs, physical activity, time management, priority-setting, and finding meaning in day to day activities. You will also be provided with a package of resources that will be referenced throughout the presentation and accessible at the start of the webinar

Men's mental health

Monday November 15th

Location: CRX-C525

This talk will discuss men’s mental health, the challenges surrounding men opening up, ways to help overcome these challenges, as well as provide resources regarding men’s mental health!

Wellness Service Fair

Tuesday November 16th

Location: Grand Ally

The service fair will allow the opportunity to connect with wellness and mental health services here on campus! Stop by to visit them in the grand ally from 10-4 on Tuesday November 16th!

In the Mood to Move

Tuesday November 16th

Location: Terminus

In the Mood to Move held by the Peer Help Centre is a fun and relaxing class that combines stretching, mobility and fitness all-in-one. Come join us for a mid-day stretch and jam session!

Care Package Pickup

Wednesday November 17th

Location: UOSU Office (UCU 07)

Stop by the UOSU office (UCU 07) to pick up a wellness care package containing a mug, hot chocolate, a scarf, a pair of socks and cough drops, all packed in a reusable lunch box!

Photo Saying Campaign

Wednesday November 17th

Location: UOSU Office (UCU 07)


Thursday November 18th
All Day

Location: email / in person signatures

How to have a more mindful relationship with food

Thursday November 18th

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend this workshop – it is designed to deliver key takeaways for all persons. This online event will be a mindfulness session around our relationship with food and how we can make it healthier and more positive for ourselves. The session will include an awareness portion, debunking your own beliefs around food and flipping the narrative, the science behind our connection and how we interact with food, and simple tips and tricks you’ll have wished you knew about long before. Everything we share will be very actionable – you will be well-equipped to apply your learnings to real life right away! *This session will be led by a Holistic Health Coach. This session is not led by a MD and should not be considered professional medical advice.

(Registration Required) SafeTALK Training

Thursday November 18th
5 pm – 9 pm

Location: LMX 242

safeTALK is a half-day training in suicide alertness. It helps participants recognize a person with thoughts of suicide and connect them to an intervention resource for further support. Participants don’t need any formal preparation to attend the training anyone age 15 or older who wants to make a difference can learn the safeTALK steps.

Compass Presents: preventing and addressing burnout

Friday November 19th

We get it, we’ve been there…the stress and overwhelm is real; therefore, we have crafted this actionable workshop to support you in managing complex student stressors and pressures. The workshop will focus on time and energy management techniques so that you can live your best student-life. Everything we share will be very actionable – you will be well-equipped to apply your learnings to real life right away and you’ll be much closer to achieving that school-work-life balance you deserve! 

Mental Health and Addictions

Friday November 19th

Location: CRX-C521

Mental health, substance use, and the challenges that surround them are a reality and part of life for many students in university spaces and communities. Conversations about drug use in 2021 continue to be overshadowed by frameworks of criminalization, paternalism, and shame, failing to account for the role of inadequate access to support, structural forces, and drug policy in exacerbating harm. This discussion seeks to break down stigma and candidly discuss mental health and substance use by reflecting on lived and community experiences, in addition to the realities of the ongoing overdose crisis to guide the conversation. Participants attending can expect a presentation, Naloxone demonstration, and an interactive discussion about harm-reduction, drug policy, and next steps. 

Survivor Art Circle

Friday November 19th

Location: WRC Office (UCU 220)

During Wellness Week, join the Women’s Resource Centre in our office (UCU 220) on Friday, November 19 at 5pm for a fun evening dedicated to self-care and scrapbooking. We’ll provide you with a journal and scrapbooking material to decorate it (don’t hesitate to come with your own journal if you have one that you would like to custom). There will also be free pizza with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options! See you there!

Movie Night with MHAS

Friday November 19th

Location: FSS 1007

uOttawa Mental Health Awareness Society is planning to provide students a chance to relax and meet with friends amid the busy weeks before the final exams. We are to provide a space where student can gather safely, watch a heart-warming movie, and meet with friends! We will also provide students with hot chocolate and some pre-packed snacks (popcorns, etc.).