Feminist Resource Centre


About Us

We advocate for gender equity across campus through campaigns, fundraisers, events, workshops and more! We provide an anti-oppressive, inclusive, non-judgmental, pro-choice, gender-positive, feminist welcoming space that supports community members (women, two-spirited folx, trans folx, non- binary/gender-conforming folx, and men) who want to work together to challenge gender oppression on campus and in our communities. We work on sexual and reproductive health, reproductive justice, menstrual equity, parenting, sexual violence prevention, support for survivors and any other type of work deemed relevant to the intersectionality of gender and other multiple coexisting identities.

Opening Hours

Monday: 10:00-17:00
Tuesday: 10:00-18:00
Wednesday: 11:30-20:00
Thursday: 10:00-17:00
Friday: 10:00-15:45
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

  1. Free pregnancy tests

  2. Free condoms and lube

  3. Free menstrual products

  4. Free diapers

  5. Free baby formula

  6. Free pre-natal vitamins

  7. Free Drop-in Daycare

  8. Feminist lending library

  9. Feminist focused events, workshops, and fundraisers

  10. Active Listening & Resource Referrals for support in:

    • Abortion

    • Adoption

    • Addiction

    • Birth-control

    • Childcare

    • Domestic Violence

    • Health Care

    • Housing

    • Mental Health

    • Parenting

    • Sexual Health

    • Sexual Violence

• And many more!

Student Committee on Sexual violence prevention: the goal is to engage students in sexual violence prevention advocacy on campus and demand better for students. The committee meets bi-weekly to work on advocacy and awareness projects. If interested, send an email to crf-wrc-coord@seuo- uosu.com for more information!

Inclusive Bathroom Initiative: access to safe and appropriate washrooms is an important need in our student community. In collaboration with the Pride Centre and the Centre for Students with Disabilities we plan to bring awareness to the need for gender-neutral bathrooms on campuses.

Student parent support program: this project consists of advocacy for better accommodations for student parents and lower fees for daycare. In our office, we are now offering a drop-in free daycare service for student parents on campus and free student parent support items (diapers, baby formula, and pre-natal vitamins). We offer semi-private breastfeeding and diaper changing in our office as well! For more information send an email to crf-wrc-coord@seuo-uosu.com!

Sexual Health: this project is focused on tackling barriers to sexual health education and access. Right now, we are focused on developing a sexual health education pamphlet. We are also focused on doing research on how we can offer students access to free emergency contraceptives.

The Period Project: this project focuses on doing research and advocacy to raise awareness on the importance of menstrual equity. This initiative also offers free environmentally friendly menstrual products to the uOttawa community. In bathrooms around campus. For more information: https://www.uottawa.ca/campus-life/campus-sustainability/waste-diversion/period-project

The FRC’s volunteering program is done through the Michaëlle-Jean Centre for Community and Global Engagement.

This allows your volunteer hours to be “official” and recognized on your University records. Volunteers are encouraged to talk with coordinators to see what tasks need to be completed or to initiate and lead new events or programs.

The volunteering program is what you make of it and has no limits! In the past volunteers have worked on content creation, event planning, research, outreach and much more!

Email wrc-volunteer@seuo-uosu.com to learn about how you can get started!

The FRC offers lots of events all semester long! We host feminist discussion groups, book clubs, and survivor’s circle every month. We also host movie nights and board game nights too! Every month we circulate an events calendar of socials, workshops, and discussion panels. For more information on evens email wrc-events@seuo- uosu.com

Survivor’s Circle every week on Friday, 5:30pm – 7:00pm.


Monthly Newsletter

Where to Find Us

Jock-Turcot University Centre, room 220 85 University Private Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 9A7 Canada

Contact Us

The FRC is a consensus-based service that is run by a team of student coordinators, supervisors, and volunteers.

For inquires about our volunteer program please email our Volunteer Supervisor: wrc-volunteer@seuo-uosu.com

For inquiries about events and marketing please email our Events and Marketing Supervisor:

For all other inquires please reach out to our Coordinator: crf-wrc-coord@seuo-uosu.com

Or Call the Office at (613)783-1380 ext. 181