Welcome to 101 Week!

We are delighted to welcome you to uOttawa and hope you’re excited about arriving to campus. As your Student Union, we will support you and ensure the best university experience for you. But first, let us introduce ourselves.

101 Week is a week-long event for first-year students, to help you settle in, make new friends, and get acquainted with the campus and its resources. 

Kickstart your university experience with a week filled with exciting events, informative sessions, and opportunities to connect with fellow students! 

10-Day Giveaway Countdown

Join us as we count down to the 101 Week. Prizes await, and the excitement begins this Wednesday. Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for exciting daily giveaways that will kickstart your campus journey! 

Some prizes are designed exclusively for first-tear students. Don’t miss a single chance to win! 

Share your favorite songs with us!

We are curating the ultimate student playlist for the upcoming semester.

Let’s create an unforgettable playlist together!

Find your RSG and buy your kit!

To participate in the 101 Week, you can purchase the 101 Week kit from your Recognized Student Government (RSG).

Find out your RSG below and check their Instagram to buy your 101 week kit! 

Don’t see your program on this list? Look them up on Instagram or check the uOttawa website!

Communication Students' Association

Instagram: @aeec_csa
Website: www.aeec-csa.ca/

uOttawa Engineering Student Society

Instagram: @uottawa_essaeg
Website: www.essaeg.ca/

Science Students' Association

Instagram: @ssaaes
Website: www.ssa-aes.com/

Development Students Association

Instagram: @aedsa_uottawa
Website: en.aedsa.ca/

Undergraduate Feminist and Gender Studies Students’ Association

Instagram: @aeefg.fgssa

uOttawa Nutrition Sciences Student Association

Instagram: @instadenut
Website: www.adenutuottawa.com/

uOttawa Criminology Students’ Association

Instagram: @uottawacrim
Website: www.csa-aec.com/

Students’ Association of the Faculty of Arts

Instagram: @artsuottawa
Website: www.artsuottawa.ca/101

Psychology Students' Association

Instagram: @uottawapsaep
Website: psaep.ca/

The Conflict Studies and Human Rights Students' Association

Instagram: @aechchra
Website: www.aech-chra.ca/

The International, Political and Policy Studies Student Association

Instagram: @aeeippssa.uo
Website: www.aeeippssa.ca/

uOttawa Computer Science Student Association

Instagram: @cssa.aei
Website: www.cssa-aei.ca/

Sociology and Anthropology Student Association at uOttawa

Health Science Students’ Association

Instagram: @aess_hssa
Website: www.aess-hssa.ca/

Human Kinetics Student Association

Instagram: @uofohksa
Website: www.uottawa-hksa.com/

Common Law Student Society

Instagram: @aeclss
Website: www.aeclssuottawa.ca/

Undergraduate Nursing Student Association

Instagram: @unsaaepsi
Website: www.unsa-aepsi.ca/

101 Week is an annual event at the beginning of each school year to welcome first-year students to our university. 101 Week helps students navigate classes, social life, and all the resources available at the uOttawa. Happening the first week of September, 101 Week is full of fun and informational events!

Cost for 101 Week will vary depending on which Student Association you register with. You may want to go through the association for your program.

A Recognized Student Government (RSG) is your student association! RSG members are elected from within your program and represent students through advocacy, boosting student life, and more.

Yes. All students participating in 101 Week need to buy in through their RSG. A small amount of events will be open to outside participants, but the majority of events cannot be accessed without being registered and wearing your 101er bracelet.

Registration for the week has already begun for many RSGs!