Funds & Scholarships

The University of Ottawa Student Union is excited to launch our 2024 Scholarships program! The program is here to provide financial aid to exemplary undergraduate students at the University of Ottawa. There is over $130 000 allocated that will be split through different bursaries and scholarships.

For questions about the scholarships and eligibility, please refer to the timeline and other information below. If still unable to find the answer to your question, contact us at

Please note that only successful applicants will be contacted. All applications are judged solely on the content of the writing. In the application you will be asked to write a detailed response as to how you fit the criteria per scholarship. If needed, our team will reach out to acquire any further documents.

All updates to the program will be posted on our Instagram (@seuo_uosu) and our website.

Scholarship opportunities are limited and highly competitive. Each student may apply for as many scholarships as they feel is best, but each student may only receive one (1) scholarship, at the committee’s discretion. Therefore, we encourage everyone to apply for the category that best fits your situation and to prioritize fine-tuning that response.

Thank you for your interest in 2024 UOSU Scholarships, we look forward to reviewing your application.

Available Funds

UOSU Scholarship for Excellency in Advocating for Francophone Rights and Community

Amount per scholarship: $2,000.00

  • Identify as Francophone  
  • Has advocated for francophone rights 
  • Has cultivated space for Francophone students on campus 

UOSU Scholarship for Dedication to Learning the French Language

Amount per scholarship: $1,500.00

  • Is enrolled in French Immersion or in a French course at the university  
  • Has committed to learning the language as a non-first language

UOSU Scholarship for Commitment to Education for First Generation Students

Amount per scholarship: $2,000.00

  • Be the first person in their family who is attending post-secondary university

UOSU Scholarship for Dedication to the Preservation and Learning of Indigenous Languages

Amount per scholarship: $1,000.00  

  • Identify as an Indigenous Student 
  • Is working towards learning an Indigenous language, or 
  • Is working towards getting official recognition for knowing an Indigenous language

UOSU Scholarship for Excellence in Advocacy for Indigenous Student Life

Amount per scholarship: $1,000.00  

  • Identify as an Indigenous Student 
  • Has worked on the UO campus to advocate for the rights of Indigenous Students, or 
  • Has worked in the UO community to build safe spaces for Indigenous Students

UOSU Scholarship for Excellency in a STEM field as a woman or gender-diverse person

Amount per scholarship: $1,500.00  

  • Identifies as a woman or as gender-diverse  
  • Working to obtain a STEM degree 
  • Has faced hardship due to their gender identity in the field 
  • Wants to work in a STEM field after graduation

UOSU Scholarship for Inspiring Physical Wellness through Movement

Amount per scholarship: $1,000.00  

  • Has led an initiative that encourages students to get moving 
  • Has promoted physical wellness  
  • Has fostered a learning environment for physical wellness

UOSU Scholarship for Merit through Innovation in Student Publications

Amount per scholarship: $1,500.00  

  • Has published work in a student-run publication 
  • Has helped run a student publication on campus 
  • Has actively followed and supported student led publications

UOSU Scholarship for Excellency in the Creative Arts

Amount per scholarship: $1,000.00  

  • Are enrolled in a creative arts major 
  • Needs help paying for specialized course supplies

UOSU Scholarship for Outstanding Representation of Organizational Values

Amount per scholarship: $1,500.00  

  • Has demonstrated considerable commitment to UOSU as an organization 
  • Has participated in UOSU events and campaigns  
  • Works to promote the values of Francophonie, inclusion, decolonization, high caliber academics, and/or advocacy to other students at UO

UOSU Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership in Sustainability

Amount per scholarship: $2,000.00  

  • Has committed to leadership in creating a more environmentally sustainable campus  
  • Is working to make the UO campus more environmentally sustainable 
  • Has taken a leadership role in environmental protection movements on campus

UOSU Scholarship for Innovation in the Sustainability Field

Amount per scholarship: $2,000.00  

  • Has pitched and or developed innovative ideas for creating a more environmentally sustainable campus 
  • Is actively working on an innovative environmentally and sustainability focused project