Solidarity with CUPE 2626

The UOSU stands in solidarity with the undergraduate and graduate academic workers of CUPE 2626 in their fight for dignity, fair pay, and job security. These workers ensure that our university thrives — as teaching assistants, research assistants, tutors, and more — yet they too often find themselves overlooked, undervalued, and underpaid.

For over 400 days, they’ve been negotiating for better wages and job security. They kept the University’s doors open through the pandemic and beyond, receiving only a 3% raise over 5 years along with slashed funding, and some of the worst job security of any academic workers in the province.

Now, CUPE 2626 has spoken loud and clear with a historic strike mandate. They’ve shown their strength, their unity, and their resolve to secure a fair deal. Let’s be clear: academic worker’s working conditions are our learning conditions. When they are rendered insecure, so are we.

Should a strike occur, the UOSU is committed to upholding and defending the academic rights of our undergraduate members. We urge the University to bargain in good faith, because the future of our members’ education hangs in the balance. We won’t let you gamble with our academic success.

In solidarity,



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