Statement on Dr. Yipeng Ge's suspension by the Faculty of Medicine

RE: Dr. Yipeng Ge, Resident suspended at the University of Ottawa 

We stand in solidarity with Dr. Yipeng Ge, a Public Health and Preventative Medicine Resident in the Faculty of Medicine. His abrupt suspension raises concerns about the violation of his rights and freedoms under the Charter and the University’s censorship of students who hold a strong position on the violence in Palestine. 

We express our support for Dr. Yipeng Ge’s advocacy for the human rights of Palestinians, including their right to healthcare and safety. We call on the University of Ottawa to do the following: 

  1. Transparency: We demand transparency regarding the faculty’s decision to suspend Dr. Yipeng Ge. The University community deserves a clear understanding of the circumstances leading to this suspension.
  1. Fair Appeal and Hearing Process: We insist on fairness and transparency in the appeal and hearing process. It is crucial that the procedures followed in reviewing Dr. Yipeng Ge’s case are open and accountable.
  1. Central Administration’s Comment: We call for a public comment from the Central Administration on the Faculty’s decision. Given the wide media coverage and engagement with the petition, the broader University community and the public deserve to hear their official stance on this matter.
  1. Apology and Commitment to Constitutional Rights: We demand a public apology to Dr. Yipeng Ge from the Faculty regarding the lack of due process, and a statement affirming its commitment to respecting university policies and the constitutional rights of students and staff.


Discrimination against Palestinians, manifested in racism and censorship, is growing. The suspension and censorship at the University of Ottawa reflect a failure to provide a safe environment for Palestinian students and allies, disregard for their rights, and a violation of the University’s own policies such as Policy 121 and Policy 130. 

Our campus should be free from bullying and harassment, especially by those in positions of power, and the University must commit to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all its students. 

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